Water Loss/Damage Prevention

If you’ve ever had a leaky toilet or a major plumbing malfunction like broken pipes, you know it is costly and incredibly frustrating to remediate. According to the EPA if the 5 percent of American homes that leak the most corrected those leaks—it could save more than 177 billion gallons of water annually. They go on to report that worldwide, 60% of water is lost due to leaky pipes—to the tune of $14 billion every year.

In addition to the expense of repairing leaks or damage from water, many people dread worse the aftermath of a major incident. The damage to flooring, furniture, drywall, ceilings and personal belongings like family photos and artwork is daunting.

With BrainPipes installed in your home or business the probability of suffering from water loss or water damage is reduced to nearly zero. The system will protect personal and professional valuables, as well as infrastructure.

We can all use that peace of mind.

BrainPipes can easily and affordably be installed by a certified technician who will also calibrate and program the system. You download the app and you are on your way to conserving water and peace of mind.

With the BrainPipes smart home automation plumbing system you conserve natural resources, reduce your water footprint, prevent potentially catastrophic damage from leaks and save money.

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