Peace of Mind

Whether you’ve ever experienced extensive water damage to your home or business, you’ve likely met someone who has. Imagine coming home to a kitchen that is flooded from a broken dishwasher pipe. Or worse, finding your vacation property after a particularly nasty winter with frozen pipes throughout.

BrainPipes was developed to prevent either scenario—as well as others—from occurring. While water damage, particularly from a major flood, is devastating, don’t underestimate the damage and cost of a slow leak. According to the USGS, many of our toilets have a constant leak—somewhere around 22 gallons per day. This translates into about 8,000 gallons per year of wasted water, water that could be saved. Or think of a leaky water line coming into your house. If it leaks 1 gallon of water every 10 minutes that means that you are losing (and paying for) 144 gallons per day, or 52,560 gallons per year. And with the average cost of one gallon of water at $1.50, we are talking about $78,840 per year!

Set your mind at ease with BrainPipes water damage protection feature.

BrainPipes can easily and affordably be installed by a certified technician who will also calibrate and program the system. You download the app and you are on your way to conserving water and peace of mind.

With the BrainPipes smart home automation plumbing system you conserve natural resources, reduce your water footprint, prevent potentially catastrophic damage from leaks and save money.

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