How BrainPipes Works

Unlike basic moisture detection devices, BrainPipes doesn’t just send you a text when there is a leak in a pipe.

The BrainPipes smart home automation system monitors your entire home or business to detect the location of a leak and sends you an alert of where it is located. With BrainPipes the main water supply line is in the off position by default and doesn’t open without a legitimate request for water. How does it know if it is legitimate? That’s the patented smart brains behind the system.

BrainPipes monitors and detects leaks by a demand control system. Every faucet and water-using device in a building is equipped with a water flow detection sensor.

When there is a valid request for water, by flushing a toilet for example, sensor technology communicates with the main brains of the system to open the valve which is normally closed and allow for the delivery of water. However, when the system detects a loss in water pressure without sensing any need for water, a leak or other malfunction is detected, setting off the alarm system. With the BrainPipes app, the home or business owner is instantly alerted that a specific device needs immediate attention. In the meantime, the main water shut off in the home remains closed so any potentially disastrous water incident is avoided.

BrainPipes can easily and affordably be installed by a certified technician who will also calibrate and program the system. You download the app and you are on your way to conserving water and peace of mind.

With the BrainPipes smart home automation plumbing system you conserve natural resources, reduce your water footprint, prevent potentially catastrophic damage from leaks and save money.

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