Water Conservation in the Commercial Arena

Our Engineering Program Manager is a beer man at all the Baltimore/Washington sports venues. And he’s noticed a big change in the water conservation efforts of the stadiums and arenas. So it got us thinking about water usage in commercial properties and the opportunity they present for water conservation.

Take the stadium example to start. As noted in an article by Environmental Leader, Mile High Stadium’s management company received a $60,000 rebate from their local water utility after the installation of a new irrigation control system with another $18,000 in rebates from water-use reduction. It goes on to cite the savings of about a million gallons of water a year in Rabobank Arena with the installation of new plumbing fixtures.

It’s not surprising that sports venues are going green. The potential savings in water conservation efforts is enormous when you consider the amount of water needed to keep fields green, locker room showers and bathrooms running, kitchens operating, ice rinks and pools functional, etc.

We are cheering other efforts around the U.S. sporting industry to conserve water, including:

  • Citizens Business Bank Arena is the first US professional hockey arena to make ice with recycled water—saving about 5 million gallons of water per year
  • Staples Center installed 178 waterless urinals, which have resulted in a savings of 7 million gallons of water a year
  • The 49ers have the first LEED Gold stadium for new construction—85 percent of their water usage is recycled back for to irrigate fields and flush toilets
  • At Lincoln Field in Philadelphia there is a sign on the men’s room wall that says, “The only water we waste is sweat”

Needless to say, Intelligent Water Management is a huge fan of these efforts. From the instant replay booth we have a ruling on the field.  These venues could benefit from a water leak detection and prevention system.  BrainPipes home automation solution for plumbing will be a great draft pick in the upcoming season to improve the teams’ efforts.