BrainPipes™ Chosen by Green Builder Media to Green Builder 2016 Hot 50 Products

Smart Home Automation Solution for Plumbing Promotes Water Conservation

Frederick, MD: Intelligent Water Management today announces its BrainPipes product was selected by Green Builder Media to the 2016 Hot 50 2016 Products program.

Green Builder’s Media editors selected products to the 2016 list. Criteria for inclusion to the list were factors that include:

  • Does the product contribute to a home’s durability, energy efficiency and/or resilience?
  • Is it made from renewable materials?
  • What is the manufacturing impact?
  • Does it represent a new threshold for the industry?

“It’s an honor to be selected to the Hot 50 Products list,” says Bill Hornbaker, Intelligent Water Management’s President and CEO. “It was our intention all along with the development of BrainPipes that it does more than leak detection and damage protection—it had to promote water conservation.”

BrainPipes promotes water conservation with leak detection and the BrainPipes app also helps conserve water. A monthly usage report is issued that monitors consumption on all water-using devices—so homeowners and businesses can alter habits or settings to improve conservation.


View the explainer video to learn more.


About Intelligent Water Management
Intelligent Water Management, Inc. specializes in the intelligent conservation of the world’s most precious and limited natural resource: water. Our installed system—BrainPipes—allows home and business owners to proactively identify sources of water loss, monitor source consumption, and prevent accidental water damage or loss through its patented wireless smart technology. Our products provide ease of use, flexibility and peace of mind to its owners. To learn more, visit

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