Management Team


William Hornbaker, CEO

Building on his 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and education, Bill started Intelligent Water Management after recognizing the need for more proactive water conservation around the world. His idea for BrainPipes allowed for the convergence of a water loss prevention system with built-in smart technology that monitors and helps reduce water consumption. He also has a secret fondness for the roo rat. Google it.


Michael Kish, CFO

As the seasoned money man, Mike makes sure we are being good stewards of our finances. Naturally he has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a CPA, but he also has a minor in Psychology. So we put a couch in his office.


Paul Walton, Director of Engineering

As the overseer of product development, Paul puts the brains in BrainPipes. He makes sure the technology inside the system is first string. He is our Z-Wave geek and he’d change the world if we would just give him the source code.


Kevin Wilt, Principal Engineer

Utilizing his BS in Electronics Engineering Technologies and some electricity, Kevin took the BrainPipes concept and brought it to life. He’s the mastermind behind making the marriage of the hardware and the software work. We call him our Dr. Frankenstein.


Bob DiDonato, Engineering Program Manager

Bob is responsible for making sure BrainPipes integrates and plays nicely with other home automation products—ultimately improving customer satisfaction. You may also recognize him at any of the Baltimore/Washington sports venues selling peanuts and hot dogs as a side gig where he doesn’t make use of his Bachelor’s degree Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins.

BrainPipes can easily and affordably be installed by a certified technician who will also calibrate and program the system. You download the app and you are on your way to conserving water and peace of mind.

With the BrainPipes smart home automation plumbing system you conserve natural resources, reduce your water footprint, prevent potentially catastrophic damage from leaks and save money.

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